When designing a new exhibit experience, the first two questions I normally receive are “can you meet my deadline?” and “how much is it going to cost?” The deadline question is generally easy. The pricing question is a little more complex. Not because I don’t want to provide an answer…it would actually be much easier, and streamline the process for my team and me if I could. But, because exhibit experiences are ‘one off’ custom solutions designed for your unique brand…they tend to take on a creative life of their own. Just as your business differs from your competitors, so should your exhibit experience. The fact is, we do not live in a “one size fits all” SKU driven industry – your custom exhibit presence is a living, breathing creative masterpiece that (when designed correctly) serves as traveling ambassador for your brand.

But, I realize you just read a full paragraph and it did not help you establish a ‘budget benchmark’. So, let’s dig into trade show exhibits…and provide some ranges.

– I need a table top – you will spend $1,000-$3,500
– I need a portable exhibit rental – you will spend $500-$3,000
– I need a 10’ portable exhibit – you will spend $3,000-$7,500
– I need a custom rental experience – you will pay $10,000-$75,000
– I need a 10’ x 20’ custom exhibit – you will spend $15,000-$40,000
– I need a 20’ x 20’ island exhibit – you will spend $25,000-$150,000
– I need a 50’ x 50’ island exhibit – you will spend $85,000-$750,000

So, why the wide ranges in pricing? Well, as we have established, exhibit design is a custom process…not unlike designing your house. Sure, you need the basics…a roof, a floor, walls, doors and windows…but then it’s all about options. We work very closely with clients through a comprehensive discovery process to identify and itemize requested options listed below:

– audio/visual experience
– in-booth technology
– overhead rigged experiences
– functional demo stations
– presentation theaters
– custom lead retrieval applications
– storage and vanity towers
– raw materials
– custom flooring
– interactive technology
– custom lighting
– creative design
– private meeting space
– branding

Every client has unique requests and needs – so every exhibit experience is custom, and priced accordingly. One thing that can help expedite the process is at least a general understanding of your budget. This general budget estimate can then be accounted for in the discovery phase, and serve as a guideline as your exhibit is being designed, engineered and fabricated.
When considering a trade show, it is critical to understand the costs related to the entire event. Some people are surprised to find that the booth space alone can be 36.5% of the total event budget! Exhibitor Online has helped piece together the full budget HERE.

Exhibitpro’s creative and consultative process will do the heavy lifting of helping to define, and create the memorable exhibit experience that is unique to your brand – but the pricing aspect will always be a custom process. If you would like to chat about this more, please reach out to Blake Miller at BMILLER@EXHIBITPRO.NET.

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