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4 seconds. That’s how long you have to get trade show attendees attention before they walk right by your booth. So, how do you do it?

Your booth is a reflection of your company. Your company is always progressing, evolving, and changing – so why isn’t your booth? Older booths communicate an aging company with dated products. Trends in trade shows are a chance to freshen up your booth and keep attendees interested year after year. Below you’ll find the latest trends in materials, lighting, technology, and engagement to keep your booth current and interesting to attendees.


1) Natural Materials

Welcome attendees into your booth with wood tones and natural elements. Gone are the days of sterile, white laminate, all-white spaces. Natural materials create a feeling of warmth and home that resonates with people, creating interest and comfort.

Tip: Always be mindful of material weights and durability. Yes, stone walls may look cool, BUT shipping such a heavy-weight item will cost you a fortune.

2) Sheer Fabric

Accent your booth with this organic, light material. Sheer fabric can be used to direct booth traffic, separate meeting rooms, and highlight elements of your booth.

Tip: Stick to sheer fabric as an accent piece rather than as a focal point. Any printed images or text will appear backwards on the reverse side.

3) Layers on Layers on Layers

Create dimension, sculptural elements, and visual interest with layered materials. Anyone can create a blank wall, but layered materials and angular designs catch attendees’ eyes as they walk the trade show floor. These layers can also create beautiful TEXTURES, another trending topic.

Tip: A sculptural, layered booth requires people to move around inside more than a traditional booth. Get attendees to stay longer by piquing their interest sculpturally.


4) Animated Graphics

Putting programmable LED lights behind printed fabric creates amazing displays that rival video screens. The KINETIC MOTION (another trend) of the lights draws customers in and saves time on the creation of video content. This trend can be used in small amounts or to adorn an entire booth – the choice is yours.

Tip: Keep in mind, while this option is impactful, it still requires a healthy investment to achieve desired results.

5) Architectural/Sculptural Lighting

Lighting styles have expanded tremendously over the past few years, with prices steadily declining. Architectural and sculptural lighting accent your booth, create visual interest, and warm up the space. These modern pieces are a great, unexpected feature in any booth.


Tip: Strategically place sculptural lighting near areas you want to highlight, such as logos, new products, and demonstration areas.

6) Backlighting

Rather than continue to add more elements to your booth, consider highlighting existing features to create a bigger impact. Backlighting can be added to just about anything, at relatively low prices. Lighting draws the eye of attendees and makes your booth stand out in the crowd.

Tip: Looking for an inexpensive way to impact your booth? Lighting creates a big impact on a small budget.


7) Photo and Video Activations

Everyone loves a photo opportunity – make your booth one. Not only does this draw people in, but it gives them the chance to share a photo of your booth, further promoting your company. These photo activation spots can be as elaborate as a 360-degree photo booth, to a neon sign or led screen encouraging a photo.temp-post-image

Tip: Make sure to incorporate your company logo somewhere in the picture, so when the photo is shared – so is your brand!

8) Multimedia Installations

This one is big…literally. Technology has made great advances in the past few years allowing for multimedia options like seamless walls made entirely of LED panels, rounded video screens, and transparent screens. Utilizing this tech creates kinetic interest in your booth and an opportunity for displaying product offerings and messaging.


9) Story Telling

Technology can be a great addition to your booth, but it shouldn’t be a replacement for face to face interaction. It’s important to be able to tell your story in front of people and train your booth staff properly. A great way to facilitate conversation is through a casual lounge area.

10) Purposeful Activities

Further engage your audience through purposeful booth activities. These activities not only make people feel included and immersed in an experience, but also keep them in your booth for a longer period of time.

Tip: Activities don’t have to be super high-tech. Low-technology activities like message sharing and tactile manipulation come with a low price, but high engagement.


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3) CONTACT a proven and experienced exhibit house to help you properly and purposefully incorporate these trends

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