What is Program Management?

Program management is the process of managing several related projects, with the goal of improving an organization’s performance. It is an A-Z turnkey solution including:
• Exhibit design and fabrication
• Warehousing
• Online inventory management
• Pre-show booth staging
• Show services coordination
• Logistics management
• On-site install and dismantle
• Project management
• And more

But what is the value in becoming a program client?

Turn-Key Service

As a program client, you have a team of industry experts taking care of every aspect of your show experience. Whether it’s a national or regional show, custom or rental booth, or we’re onsite or not, Exhibitpro has efficient processes in place to ensure client success.

Change happens fast in the trade show world, and Exhibitpro’s experienced on-site team is there to handle everything, so you don’t have to. We become an extension of your team by coordinating all of the details before show open – from rigging teams, to internal venue teams, electricians, internet, and stage hands. We’ve been at this for 28 years, developing valuable relationships and expertise that allows us to handle the entirety of our clients’ shows.

Once the show is over, we manage all of the follow-up, including a thorough post-show audit of convention center billing to prevent any issues or mistakes. Exhibitpro’s audit process has been proven to save program clients from unnecessary charges, creating more opportunities for valuable investment.temp-post-image

In-Depth Consulting

We base everything off of clients’ business objectives, and turn your goals into tangible results.
– What shows are you going to and why?
– What kind of booth makes the most sense at that show?
– What are attendees expecting to see?
– How can you get their attention and stand out?
– What will really engage attendees?

Exhibitpro provides years of industry experience to help answer these questions. We’ve been to countless shows all over the country, and we know them inside and out. During the discovery process, we leverage that knowledge to inform show decisions for our program clients.


A partnership with Exhibitpro saves time, money, and stress while improving show performance.


Your brand is important. It’s how your customers know you, see you, and relate to you. Exhibitpro works with program clients to develop a deep understanding of their brand, in order to create engaging, consistent, successful brand experiences for every show, every time.


Exhibitpro’s proprietary online platform, Inventorypro, creates efficiencies in cost, show preparation, and ongoing storage. Program clients have 24/7 access to all of their booth inventory and property at the click of a button. Easily know the location, status, and availability of all your assets, plus receive alerts when items have shipped, arrived and returned. For additional peace of mind, our exhibit managers perform a thorough outbound and inbound assessment to ensure that your exhibit is show ready.

Dedicated Team

Every Exhibitpro program client has a dedicated team of experts consistently supporting them and serving as a constant reference for any questions. We know that not everyone is an expert in tradeshows, and you don’t have to be – That’s why we’re here. Exhibitpro is happy to help educate clients on show day topics including:
• Finding the right people to staff your booth
• Managing leads
• Technical support in your boothtemp-post-image

Long-Term Relationship

With program management, you’re not a one-off client. We strive to be a partner in every step of our clients’ project process. It’s extremely rare for an Exhibitpro client to build their booth with someone else after working with us, and we’re proud of that. A booth is more than just a beautiful structure; We help improve overall trade show performance based on clients’ goals and needs. Program management is a true partnership based in strategy and results.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of program management?

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