Exhibitpro’s program management acts as an extension of your marketing and events team. We provide full turn-key service from design and creative, through storage, fabrication and installation.

More Than A Project

We're here for you.

Our team has decades of experience to make sure every little detail from pre-event to at-event and post-event is covered. We are trained to manage the unexpected - remaining calm and efficient onsite. Our project management services coupled with our online inventory management system, Inventorypro, provides all you need to keep your projects running like a well oiled machine.


time reduction

In the last 3 years, our project managers reduced our customer’s time spent on planning events by an average of 28%.


year avg. relationship

Since our inception in 1991, our average client relationship is over 8 years


quality assurance checks

Our project management process includes 9 separate quality assurance checks: pick list, design proofs, staging, pack list, delivery confirmation, install confirmation, return notification, damage inspection, and invoice audit


at or below budget

In the last 5 years, 96% of our final invoices have been at or below the original budget.


on-time arrival

We're proud of our 99.9% global on-time shipment arrival.


Turn-Key Service

As a program client, you have a team of industry experts taking care of every aspect of your experience.

We become an extension of your team by coordinating all of the details pre, during and post-event. We’ve been at this for 29 years, developing valuable relationships and expertise that allows us to handle the entirety of our clients’ projects.

In-Depth Consulting

We base everything off of clients’ business objectives, and turn your goals into tangible results. Exhibitpro provides over 29 years of experience to help you create a successful experience.


A partnership with Exhibitpro saves time, money, and stress. We create efficiencies in branding, inventory, logistics*, and communication - just to name a few.


We're proud of our 99.9% global on-time shipment arrival.

Long Term Relationship

With program management, you’re not a one-off client. We strive to be a partner in every step of our clients’ project process. It’s extremely rare for an Exhibitpro client to build their experience with someone else after working with us, and we’re proud of that. Program management is a true partnership based in strategy and results.

Peace of Mind

Our transparent and proactive communication throughout the project provides the peace of mind that your event is running smoothly and everything is in its place.


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