A successful trade show is realized with more than just a great booth – After all, trade shows are all about face-to-face marketing, and sure, a beautiful exhibit will draw attendees in, but your booth staff will seal the deal.

So, is your team ready for a successful show? We’ve got some tips for training:

Goal Setting Drives Success

  • What do you want attendees to walk away and remember from your booth?
  • What are you hoping to achieve?

Everything that your booth staff does at the show should revolve around your show goals. If your team doesn’t have your goals in mind, how can they reach them? Set your team up for success by providing clear, tangible show goals ahead of time. Your booth staff, your team, and your company, will be sure to get more out of the show.

Know Your Target Audience

  • Create conversational touchpoints that pinpoint your target audience
  • Develop strategies for politely exiting discussions with those outside of the target audience.

You know your target audience, but can you identify them in person? Can your booth staff? Being able to identify the target audience at show helps produce more effective communication through intentional conversations.

It’s great that your booth staff is prepared to tell your company’s story, but if they’re telling the wrong people – what’s the point? We want all of your interactions to be valuable, so we recommend working with your team to ensure they know the target audience inside and out, and can identify them easily.


Prepare Your Elevator Pitch – You Have 20 seconds or LESS!

Your booth staff are your front line at a trade show. A quick, 20 second elevator pitch on them, your company, and your product/service, can help your team feel confident when approaching customers, and help the efficacy of their conversations. Intentional communication is successful communication.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you’re demoing a product, you want to make sure that while on-site, the customer experience is flawless. During show set-up, things can be a bit hectic, and you don’t want this to be the first time staffers are using the demo. Familiarize your team with the demo and any corresponding technology ahead of time for a smooth experience on site.

Obstacles Ahead

Sometimes, specific shows come with their own set of unique challenges. We don’t want your on-site team to be caught off guard. It’s best to communicate potential obstacles with booth staff ahead of time, so that they can prepare for issues that may arise.

Role Play Your Day

Practice makes perfect. There’s no better way to prepare your booth staff than role-playing the variety of scenarios that can come up on site. Work on:

  • Product messaging/introductions
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Leading attendees through the exhibit space
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Politely disengaging with those not in your target audience
  • And more!

If you think it’s a possibility, role play it! Then, your booth staff will go in prepared for the worst, but ready to achieve the best.

Establish Expectations

Your team will come into the show with varying levels of experience, so don’t assume they all know how to expertly navigate a trade show. Provide instructions and times for check in/badge pick up, as well as show hours and responsibilities within the booth. Some exhibit teams find it helpful to assign specific roles to individuals such as:

  • Booth captain
  • Product demo expert
  • Client liaison/Brand storyteller
  • Conference session attendee and notetaker
  • Etc.

These roles help keep booth staff on track and ensure goals/objectives are reached. The show might also be in an unfamiliar city to staffers. Minimize confusion and provide guidance with instructions for:

  • Finding the exhibit hall
  • Tips for navigating the city
  • Suggestions for places to stop and eat near the show site

This will help your team plan properly while traveling, and reduce the chance of late arrivals.

Make sure your staffers know what’s expected of them during the show. While it may seem like common sense, it’s good to remind your team to avoid chewing gum, crossing their arms, turning their back to the aisle, spending time on their phone, etc. It’s also good to provide detailed instructions regarding your booth dress code, whether it’s business professional or coordinated outfits to match your booth theme.


Booth Training

We offer comprehensive booth training for your staff covering everything from pre-show, to at-show, and post-show. With a custom on-site presentation, we can provide your team with strategic insights for a successful show, including detailed training on the topics mentioned above and more, including:

  • Booth staff etiquette
  • Creating your brand
  • Attendee engagement
  • Qualifying attendee prospects
  • Time management
  • Effective turnovers
  • Understanding booth technology
  • Marketing strategy
  • Role playing
  • And more!

Interested? We’d be happy to provide more information.

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