Raising Standards and Increasing Impact for Trade Show Displays

TODCO, the leading provider of overhead roll up and swing doors for the work truck industry, was looking for a way to get attention, improve ROI, and create big impact at one of their most important shows, the NTEA Work Truck Show in March 2016.

As a first step in solving the challenge, Exhibitpro engaged the TODCO trade show, sales, and product engineering teams in a comprehensive discovery session – a key step in Exhibitpro’s proprietary e-process. The discovery session uncovered an insight that would ultimately lead to development of a never-been-done-before solution: when customers and prospects interact with our products, everyone achieves better results.

The Solution

Based on the insight, the Exhibitpro team, in partnership with Leslie Lopes of PureMotion Creative, conceptualized the idea of incorporating a live demo in the space that would allow visitors to experience first hand how the rear doors of a box truck move with ease. Additionally, we would use the “white space” created by the roll up door structure to elegantly feature other movable TODCO products.

The idea, however, was met with its own set of unique technical challenges that were solved through Exhibitpro’s design and build phases of the e-process, including:

  1. Building a structure that was counterweighted to maintain stability during the working demo.
  2. Creating a stair-stepped solution that allowed doors on each side to be lifted simultaneously.
  3. Identifying placement for more storage and counter needs without impeding view of the demo.

The Result

By implementing a live demo, and surrounding it with complementary signage and additional products, TODCO was able to draw more visitors into the booth to interact and experience the products first hand. The end result was nothing short of an engineering marvel that met TODCO’s objectives and delivered greater audience engagement, improved product perception, and a positive ROI.

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