Remember earlier when we talked about creating a truly impactful experience? This quarter, we’d like to shine a light on a client who did exactly that: Worthington Industries.

In mid-2015, the Bernzomatic brand (distributed by Worthington Industries) was undergoing a brand identity transformation. The old positioning was heavily product centric. The new positioning shifts the brand from a tool to a lifestyle solution that inspires a culture of creators who break boundaries, mark new territories, and go where no flame has burned before.

As a part of the initiatives, Bernzomatic challenged the Exhibitpro team with overhauling the old booth to create a new, custom trade show exhibit that is reflective of the new lifestyle brand.

Let’s start by looking at the old, custom trade show display. As you can see, the product dominated this booth – it’s about putting the right tools in the hands of the right audience.

Now, let’s take a look at the new lifestyle-driven booth:

In the new, custom exhibit design, the Exhibitpro team created a space that focuses on the end-result experiences paired with the products used to create them. By taking a problem/solution approach, we were able to expand the mindset of prospective retail partners – and end users – by subtly suggesting ways the Bernzomatic can be used in life that they hadn’t considered before. With this new display, not only was Exhibitpro successful in helping Bernzomatic accomplish their branding goals, but also in providing a structure to prospective retail partners with recommendations for how to enhance the presence and selling story at the shelf. We like to think that’s a win-win!

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