For generations, the Ohio State Fair has been known as a place that families can experience educational activities (not to mention that delicious food!) that celebrates the agricultural and farming roots of the Great State of Ohio. So, it’s no wonder that the Ohio Soybean Council saw the Fair as a great venue to reach and deliver a memorable educational experience that fairgoers won’t soon forget.

The Challenge

Exhibitpro was challenged to create a fair-worthy experience that transcended indoor and outdoor locations on the Ohio State Fairgrounds. The overall goal was to be experiential in nature, engaging fairgoers and promoting learning about the Ohio Soybean industry in a fun and memorable way.

The Exhibitpro Soy-lution

To put visitors in the mindset of the soybean farmer, Exhibitpro created a 14-foot, custom silo that encapsulated the “journey of the soybean,” and led visitors through an educational experience that demonstrated different forms of soy along its journey.

One of the biggest challenges was identifying a way to visually suspend the varying forms of soy – from bean crop to an extremely heavy liquid – throughout the silo walls without any leakage. To accomplish, Exhibitpro concepted and implemented the idea of using custom, plexiglass boxes that successfully held the varying states of soy, and allowed visitors to follow the journey of the soybean.

The Result

The silo was placed in the agricultural building for the first eight days of the fair. It was then moved to the front gate area on the ninth day – to promote the Ohio Soybean Council’s sponsorship of the Fair – where it closed out its run with increased interaction among fairgoers. The overwhelming review – from the Ohio Soybean Council and fairgoers – was that the silo exhibit was successful at providing “learning elements” in a fun, memorable way. In fact, the Ohio Soybean Council was so pleased with the results that they will be utilizing the silo again at their 2016 Farm Science Review.
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