This year’s annual NACS conference took place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia World Congress Center. Attendees came with a packed show schedule, ready to explore the latest products, trends, and technology. So, how’d it go? We’re rounding up the best and worst of NACS 2019, and getting ideas ready for next year. What should you take into NACS 2020, and what should you leave behind?

TAKE: Simulated Environments

NACS is a great chance to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. How do you want them to experience your product? Recreate the ideal environment on the trade show floor. NACS 2019 was full of simulated environments from restaurants, to gas stations, coffee shops, and more. The more immersed attendees feel in your booth, the longer they’ll stay and the more they’ll interact.


TAKE: Samples LEAVE: Unqualified Leads

NACS 2019 was a sea of samples. Almost every booth was handing out samples of their products, giving attendees a chance to try it out – but is this beneficial? Are you getting the traffic you want, or are you just getting people who take your sample and leave? Create interactive experiences that lead attendees to their samples. Whether it’s a photo display, technology piece, or a conversation, attendees will be engaging with your brand and giving your sales team qualified leads to interact with.


TAKE: 3D Lighted Holograms

This technology is just starting to emerge on the trade show floor, and we can’t get enough of it. Dimensional, motion video appears to be floating in front of you, showcasing the graphic content of your choice. These displays were used by NACS exhibitors to showcase everything from mascots and products to slogans and logos.
Check out this video of a 3D Lighted Hologram from our Impact event in August.

TAKE: Lighting

Lighting is always important, but NACS really stepped it up for this year’s show. LED walls provided large displays of static and motion imagery creating a powerful impact. Adjustable neon lighting created big impact in small spaces. Rip It Energy’s booth incorporated adjustable neon lighting to emphasize their logo and draw attendees in, while still staying true to the brand.temp-post-image

TAKE: Sensory Experiences, LEAVE: Loud Music

Creating a sensory experience for your booth attendees can be extremely valuable. Everything they see, hear, smell, touch, and taste can be tied back to your brand, and the more senses you reach, the bigger the impression.

But louder/stronger doesn’t mean better – We’re talking about loud music. Sure, everyone will hear you, but you’re calling attention to yourself for the wrong reason. Loud music often leaves a bad impression on attendees, and doesn’t allow for good conversation. So if you want to incorporate music, just keep it to a reasonable volume.


TAKE: Celebrities and Mascots

Scrolling through your social media feed during NACS, you were sure to find a picture of someone with a mascot or celebrity. They act as great photo ops that create interest and booth traffic, while offering free promotion through photo sharing. If your company has a mascot or celebrity endorser, NACS 2020 is the perfect place to bring them for increased success.


TAKE: Life Sized Products

Having attendees voluntarily share photos of your product is an ideal situation, but they don’t want to post just any photo, make it a fun experience for them. How do you do it? Create a life-sized version of your product for attendees to pose in front of. It serves as an ideal photo op, and a great chance to promote your product. We recommend tying engagement activities into the photo op for increased lead generation. What more could you ask for?


Feeling inspired? Us too. LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR BOOTH FOR NACS 2020.

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