160 years. That’s how long the trade show industry has been around. Obviously, throughout time, the industry has morphed and changed in more ways than we can ever imagine. There have been good times, great times, and even a few hold-onto-your-pants-because-we’re-not-sure-where-this-is–headed times. But, throughout all the change – from how shows are categorized, to the breadth and flair of exhibit design, to the continual evolution of technology and tools to improve targeting – the trade show industry has not only sustained, but also thrived, in its role within the marketing toolkit. So why is that?

Well, if you step back and really look at the history of the industry, there is one bright, shining light that trade shows have always (and will always) provide that no other tool can. Trade shows deliver the unrivaled ability to connect those who are selling a product or service, with those who are looking to purchase a product or service, over real, human, face-to-face conversation.
Sure, we believe that tools like advertising, digital media, and public relations all play their part in driving awareness and improving brand perception (which are vitally important) and should be considered as part of the overall plan; but, trade shows deliver and nurture relationships. And relationships mean business. For those who need to put products or services in the hands of those who want or need them, nothing compares to the value of a trade show.

The main reason for this is because humans are emotional beings. Yes, we may look for statistics or reasons to place a brand into our consideration set; but we make our purchase decisions based on emotion. The driving force behind purchase decisions is that we want to do business with the people and brands we trust.

That’s why we believe that it’s so important for brands to consider the impact of face-to-face marketing, and specifically emotional connectivity, when designing their trade show experience. We believe that a well-designed exhibit should marry the function of product specifics with the value of human emotion, to deliver an experience that both educates and enhances relationships. Stop for a moment and consider the opportunity at hand: you can share product specifics through any tool and tactic, but where else do you have the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with a prospective buyer about his or her specific needs, wants, concerns, and challenges? We understand the value and we know how to help clients take advantage of that benefit.

Face-to-face marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing toolkit, and the main reason why trade shows have continued to remain a vital marketing tool for more than a century. At Exhibitpro, we are experts in face-to-face marketing, designing customized experiences for our clients that combine function and emotion to disrupt, educate, connect, and drive action. Need help designing your next experience? Let’s chat!

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