Exhibitpro Impact Event Annual Speakers

Thank you to all who attended Exhibitpro’s IMPACT 2018 event. Over 100 attendees experienced and demo’d the newest event and trade show technology, networked with industry professionals and interacted with global marketing experts who participated in our panel discussion.

The words of the day seemed to be ‘purposeful’ and ‘targeted’.

Alison Shurell shared her ideas around creative and purposeful engagement, and gave her opinion why “bigger is not always better” when it comes to trade shows and events. She discussed her team’s initiative to identify smaller and more targeted exhibiting opportunities.

Leslie Johnson commented on the importance of fully understanding the attendee audience at each trade show and event, and of tailoring your marketing message and engagement activities to align with this demographic. She also touched on the importance of cohesion between sales and marketing.

Mike Morgan spoke about the importance of creating a brand experience on the trade show floor, and on identifying the most targeted and appropriate exhibiting opportunities. He also shared the critical importance of selecting the right strategic partners to elevate your program to the highest level.

Amanda Solon discussed the importance of including purposeful technology in your trade show experiences. She also shared ideas around proactive planning, as well as her strategic tiered approach to managing trade show selection and budget allocation.

Thanks again for joining us at IMPACT 2018! If you have additional questions about the event or want to get in touch with the Exhibitpro team, please reach out to us at INFO@EXHIBITPRO.NET


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