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Hi! Thank you for visiting the Exhibitpro website – and our blog! We plan to use this blog as a way to keep our clients, partners, friends (and possibly even some family members) apprised of the exciting happenings at Exhibitpro and with our team.

One of the happenings that I am personally excited about is the launch of our new event series, Ladies on the Go. The series was created as a way to connect the female business community, and provide opportunities to share and learn from experts, as well as one another, around real-life issues.

We’re kicking off Ladies on the Go, on December 3 at the EXHIBITPRO OFFICES, with a topic that is near and dear to my heart: maintaining a healthy, happy and balanced life while traveling for business.

So what’s it all about?

Work travel is something we all do. A lot. And as we all know well, it’s not necessarily as fun as many of our family members and friends seem to think it should be. Living out of suitcases, managing work and family across time zones, staying connected, eating haphazardly; and, trying to wind down in an unfamiliar place with a million “to do’s” running through your mind. What’s fun about that?

A few years ago, I realized that because I was spending more time on the road, I needed to make some adjustments to my travel routine so that life wasn’t passing me by. Who knew that in a few short years, with a handful of simple changes recommended by dear friends, I’d completely change my outlook on travel. Now, instead of dreading the next suitcase and living on the late-night-candy-bar-for-dinner, I find myself craving a stress-reducing hike in Arizona and healthy snacks from my own bag.

To get to this point, it took some time – and a few wonderful experts who so graciously imparted their wisdom, ideas and suggestions on me. For the record, sometimes I was willing to accept their ideas; sometimes I was not. But, thanks to their help (or persistence), now, instead of feeling frazzled when I travel, I have developed simple habits that help me balance it all. From packing healthy snacks that fuel my brain and calm my stress, to pausing in each location to experience what it has to offer, I have learned to (dare I say it)….enjoy work travel. And my goal is now to pay that forward to hopefully help you, too!

For our first event on December 3, we will bring together a panel of health, wellness and safety experts who will offer eight tips for enhancing your next trip. Our expert panel will cover topics such as: staying connected, safely enjoying your environment, healthy eating, boosting immunity, restful relaxation, workouts-on-the-go and much, much more. Plus, we’ll end the session with our certified personal trainer, YOLANDA ROONEY, taking us through one of her famous (and sometimes infamous) eight-minute meltdown workouts.

We hope you will join us on December 3 at 3:30 at the EXHIBITPRO OFFICES for a fun, casual and informational event. Please reserve your spot by emailing LANGLEA@EXHIBITPRO.NET.

– Lori

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