Face to face meetings in large groups may not be an option right now, but engaging your audience is as important as ever.

Wholly-Owned Digital Experiences

e+ is Exhibitpro's digital solutions offering spanning from fully interactive virtual spaces and video capture, to augmented reality and gamification.

Partner with Exhibitpro to develop a strategy around audience acquisition, interactive digital spaces, lead capture, and experiential engagement.

capabilities and features

• Custom digital development

• Analytics

• AR/VR Development

• Lead capture

• Gamification

• Video capture and green screen

• Set design and set up

• Mobile and desktop compatible

• Surveys

• CRM Integration

e+ experiences

• Events and conferences

• Trade show exhibits

• Virtual solution centers

• Virtual tours

• Augmented reality

• Product demonstrations

Actionable Metrics & Data



• Custom metrics for your unique needs

• Realtime updates and historical analytics

• Simple interface for at-a-glance tracking

• Know your ROI

• Reach your experience goals

• Gather the information you need

• Provide actionable data for future efforts

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