Data, Data, Data – The Value of a Virtual Experience

Exhibitpro Digital Experiences Analytics and Metrics Back-End Dashboard

Virtual and digital experiences aren't just for show. Like any great marketing tool, these solutions provide powerful data, analytics, and metrics for your team to evaluate your successes and plan for future improvements. So, how do you get the most virtual experience value?

Analyzing the Success of your Event/Experience

A fully digital experience may be new for your team, and perhaps you have a few questions surrounding their efficacy.

• First, is a digital experience the right call for your brand?

• What is the typical lifespan of something like this?

• In the end, how will you measure the success of the experience?

Unlike a trade show booth with an average use of 12 days per year, your digital experience can be used 365 days a year. In other words, that's 253 more days of audience use - Plus, users can access it 24/7, rather than during select hours.

So, how do you know if your experience was a success?

The answer is data.

What Data is Available?

Really the question is...what data do you want to receive?

With a custom virtual experience, the data you collect is tailored to your company's unique needs. For example, here are some popular metrics our clients often like to see:

Click Through Rate (CTR)

How many of your visitors clicked a link in your experience? What links received the most clicks? With the click through rate or CTR, you can drill down to see what elements and links are garnering the most engagement and what aspects could use some extra pus


How many people visited your experience? Were they prospects? Clients? Partners? Decision makers? Your target audience? Carefully crafted preliminary questions create powerful back-end insight into user demographics.

Average Viewing Time

Measure how long users are in your experience - For instance, you can even break it down by pillar, product, or experience section, for ultimate transparency.

Referral Links

How did your customers access your experience? An automated email? Social media link? Organic search? Paid advertising? In the end, viewing your audience's referral sources will show you what channels of acquisition are experiencing optimal performance.

Engagement Rate

X amount of people visited your experience, but how engaged were they? Large attendance is great, but without any meaningful engagement...what's the point? Above all, incorporating engagement rate metrics into your back-end dashboard reveals users' activity levels while they navigate your solution.


Ultimately, how is your experience performing? Are you reaching your goals? Recouping your costs?  Exceeding expectations? Knowing your ROI is vital to evaluating the performance of your experience, and this way, it's done for you - no extra calculations needed.

Here's a promising statistic on digital experience ROI:

Clients have received revenue equal to or greater than their original investment within 2 weeks of their virtual solution going live. 

Exhibitpro Digital Experience Analytics and Metrics Dashboard

Accessing Your Experience Metrics

Our back-end interface collects all of your experience data in one, centralized location. In other words, with real-time data, historical trends, and performance metrics easily accessible, your team has one reliable source of information.

Actionable Data

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the sky is the limit when it comes to the type, and amount of data that you can capture with a virtual experience. What is most important is that you capture actionable data. This is considered data that your sales and marketing can collect about a customer or prospect that will assist them in closing a sale, upselling, or improving the client experience.

Explore the Possibilities

Seeing is believing when it comes to virtual experience value.

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