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What is CreateSpace?

CreateSpace was created to tell the story of Exhibitpro's offering. Each one of our major service areas has a dedicated, one-of-a-kind digital space that presents a deep dive into our capabilities, projects, and expertise, including:

Branded Experiences (coming soon to CreateSpace)
Digital Development
Program Management (coming soon to CreateSpace)
Creative & Strategy (coming soon to CreateSpace)

CREATESpace Virtual Experience

Allow us to Fully
Introduce Ourselves

Whether you’re a long-time client or new friend, we want to introduce ourselves properly. As an experience company, we wear a lot of different hats and sometimes you only get to see one - The CreateSpace is a chance to experience our full offering.

Learn more about:

What Will You Learn?

Digital Development

• Steps to creating a digital experience
• Determining your objective and budget
• Features, functionality, and navigation options
• Available data, metrics, and backend analytics
• Promotion plan tactics and strategy
• Digital experience best practices

Branded Environments

Coming Soon

Program Management

Coming Soon

Creative & Strategy

Coming Soon

Experience the CreateSpace

Coming Soon

Currently, only the Digital Development space is active. Stay tuned for the addition of the rest of our spaces!

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