Cost Management


With increasing popularity in face-to-face marketing, cost containment strategies have never been more important. We deploy a multi-faceted approach to cost management, starting with understanding your unique program objectives, and applying cost containment processes each step of the way. We understand that there are a lot of associated costs that come with face-to-face marketing and we want to make sure that we are efficient with our clients' budget and that your dollars are going to create a memorable attendee experience as well as achieve your business goals.

Our suite of in-house resources includes:

Project and Show Management

A dedicated project manager will provide your team with turn-key service through the life of your project and beyond. Our experienced team of project managers handle the nitty gritty details of show coordination, logistics, install, dismantle, pre-show, at-show, and post-show, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Exhibit, Experiential and Graphic Design

We emphasize strategy, creativity, and results in every project we encounter. Our award-winning design team works closely with our clients to ensure your insights and strategy are an integral part of your one-of-a-kind exhibit or environment. We believe that strategy drives creative, meaning that your company has very tangible business goals, and our creative team uses that direction in order to create the perfect attendee experience.

Negotiation and Audit

We perform a thorough post-show audit for every show attended in order to reconcile any errors or mistakes in charges from the convention center and show contractor. Our post-show audit has saved clients from unnecessary and lofty charges that would have likely gone unnoticed otherwise. We have uncovered tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of errors due to show contractor mistakes related to rigging, material handling, electric, internet, etc.

Precision Production and Fabrication

Our in-house team of production professionals combine craftsmanship and the latest, most efficient equipment to bring your brand to life. From our CNC operator to our skilled carpenters, we have specialists ready to create your unique experience.

Logistics Management

Trade show logistics are complicated, but our dedicated Logistics Director brings peace of mind to clients. With extensive industry experience coordinating shipments to venues all around the world, you can feel safe knowing your assets will arrive on-time and on-budget.

State-of-the-art inventory management system

Our 24/7 proprietary online platform, Inventorypro, allows you to seamlessly manage your project at any time, any place. At the click of a button, clients can access the location, status, and availability of property and assets, while calendar integration allows for real-time reservations of property and an easy view of past and upcoming shows.

We understand in today's marketplace everyone's favorite letters are R-O-I, and we’re here to help you achieve it.