Schoology is a revolutionary learning management system for K-12 and higher education institutions.

Exhibitpro Case Study Schoology ISTE 2019


In 2018, Schoology approached Exhibitpro looking to refresh their trade show experience for 2019, starting with ISTE. ISTE is an annual technology education conference attended by teachers, faculty, administrators, and experts alike. Schoology’s existing booth lacked personality and did not accurately represent their brand or products. Their exhibit at ISTE 2019 needed to house multiple demo stations and a semi-private meeting space within a 20x20 convertible floorplan that better told their story.

Exhibitpro Custom Exhibits Schoology


Through the discovery process, Exhibitpro identified Schoology’s goals and developed a deep understanding of their platform and brand. Using their existing structure, Exhibitpro built out a visual representation of the Schoology brand with colorful, fun, and welcoming elements. The space could be transformed to a 20x30 for versatility at the other shows throughout the year, and included 4 demo stations with a semi-private meeting space at the center for conversations with attendees.


The booth checked all of the boxes for Schoology. They felt that the booth perfectly encapsulated their brand, and was the best-looking exhibit at the show. It was noticed by both attendees and competitors, and consistently received positive feedback. The exhibit was the perfect starting point for Schoology’s trade show refresh and the rest of their 2019 trade show schedule with Exhibitpro.

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