OCLC, ALA 2018

Founded in 1967, OCLC is a leading global library cooperative focused on making information more accessible and useful to people worldwide. OCLC came to Exhibitpro in 2017 to improve the strategy and presence of their booth at their largest show, ALA 2018.

Exhibitpro Custom Exhibits OCLC


OCLC was looking for a partner that could provide turnkey service from start to finish. Their past booths at ALA weren’t meeting their benchmarks, and attendees were struggling to navigate their booth layout. OCLC also had several separate product ‘themes’ they wanted attendees to interact with and learn about. Their goal was for each theme to feel distinct, but still connected to the overall OCLC brand.

Exhibitpro Case Study OCLC ALA 2018


We designed their 30x40 booth with an optimal flow for attendee engagement, making it welcoming and approachable. Interactive elements were strategically placed throughout the booth encouraging conversation with the right people. The hierarchy of messaging was key to providing overall OCLC brand recognition, while featuring the four product themes. We used the OCLC color palette to differentiate each product theme, while staying consistent with the OCLC brand and providing eye-catching booth components.


OCLC was thrilled with the attendance, engagement, and overall design of their booth at ALA. Quality lead captures improved by 146% from the previous year, far exceeding their benchmark goal. Most importantly, the booth solidified their four product themes as valuable, distinct elements of the OCLC brand.

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