Netsmart is the leading provider of health information technology, including electronic health records for more than 30,000 human services and post-acute care organizations. Each year, they hold a user conference with an emphasis on education for their clients and prospects, called CONNECTIONS, focused on collaboration and shared progress achieved in healthcare IT.

Exhibitpro Case Studies Netsmart CONNECTIONS2019


Exhibitpro has worked with Netsmart to create their CONNECTIONS conference for the last 11 years, with the goal of year over year improvement in the client experience. What began in a 40’ x 120’ ballroom, has evolved into a 191’ x 106.5’ exhibit hall space. Netsmart wanted to create a collaborative environment for learning tailored specifically to each of the communities they serve, while also creating focused spaces for new product launches to generate excitement and increase revenue. CONNECTIONS was continuing to grow in size and scope, however in 2019 due to increased attendance and a flat budget, Netsmart had less budget to work with for this portion of the conference.


The moment CONNECTIONS 2018 was over, we began planning for 2019. We created cost-conscious solutions through repurposed components. New product launches were strategically placed in areas with the highest traffic, and each community was given their own space for optimal traffic flow, geared at timely and targeted conversations to grow the Netsmart pipeline.


Netsmart called CONNECTIONS2019 their best year yet. There were more attendees and more traffic for their largest event to date. Collaboration thrived and new products were successfully introduced with audience excitement – all while remaining within budget and helping to grow the Netsmart pipeline two-fold from the 2018 event.

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