Hush Puppies is an international brand providing contemporary, casual footwear to all.


Hush Puppies was looking to create a space that reinforced their brand, and made their product the focus in the retail environment, with only 100 sq. ft. to utilize. Not only was space limited, but time as well. Hush Puppies’ agency, Big Red Rooster, connected with Exhibitpro on April 8th to discuss initial concepts, and the booth was designed, built, shipped, and installed on May 14th. Additionally, Hush Puppies wanted to incorporate existing retail fixtures into their new booth, but the structures were extremely time consuming and tedious to assemble. Overall, Hush Puppies was looking for a partner who could emulate their retail environment, deliver on time, and highlight their product.

Exhibitpro Case Study Hush Puppies GBC 2019
Exhibitpro Case Study Hush Puppies GBC 2019


This project was a true collaboration between Exhibitpro, Hush Puppies, and Big Red Rooster on design intent, modular assets, and precisions fabrication. Exhibitpro worked with Hush Puppies to identify the pros and cons of using their existing retail structures in a temporary environment. The pro being that they would be using the actual material used in their brick and mortar environments. The cons were that the material was extremely heavy, and therefore would be costly to ship. Also, the material was not meant for temporary installations and would take considerable time to install dismantle. It was determined that Hush Puppies would lean on Exhibitpro's team of experienced fabricators to create a realistic retail environment that was both lightweight and easy to install.

The exhibit walls were intentionally made white in order for the colorful Hush Puppies shoes to pop in the space. To emulate their retail environment, we used shiplap wood walls, and grass inspired flooring to help complete the fresh feel of the space. While the shoes were the focus of the space, high tension, backlit fabric graphics, and digital displays were used for brand awareness and product knowledge for the attendees.


Overall, Hush Puppies with thrilled with the retail environment that invited attendees to experience their brand, but more importantly their shoes! They also enjoyed the added benefits of easy assembly and lightweight shipments.

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