Established in 1941, Allied Machine & Engineering provides metal-cutting industries with precision holemaking and finishing cutting tool systems. Biannually, Allied Machine attends IMTS with their largest exhibit. 2018’s booth space measured 40’ x 80’.


For IMTS 2018, Allied Machine desired to elevate their experience from years past. They had a thorough understanding of their target customer, as well as a racing theme in mind for the booth. Our goal was to collaborate with them to implement their theme, while making the process easier for their team and providing a whole new level of engagement with their audience.

Allied Machine’s extensive product line would be displayed throughout the exhibit, as well as a large equipment demo. They desired to display their product in a way that would facilitate easy learning for their audience. With IMTS occurring every 2 years, Allied Machine wanted to ensure dollars were allocated properly to the areas that mattered most.

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The project was a true collaboration between teams. The booth became a mixture of assets - some existing, some custom, and some rental. Their racing theme was incorporated throughout every inch of the booth in a tasteful way, from lighting to interactive experiences and signage. Graham Rahal with RLL Racing’s Indy 500 car was positioned at the front of the booth to catch attendees’ eyes, while Rahal’s racing suit and used Indy tire were included as a photo op. A VR racing game gave attendees an immersive experience at the wheel, and conference rooms featured tables that displayed custom tools, while doubling as a charging station. A hospitality station was included to maximize guest comfort.

Rather than just placing Allied Machine’s products on a counter, our precision fabrication team designed specialty pieces to hold each tool, creating a retail-like environment for attendees, that enabled easier understanding. To cut down on show site set-up time for Allied Machine’s team, our team designed a display set up for each tool. The Allied team then came to our studio, merchandised each counter, then packed and labeled it for easy and fast set-up at show site – resulting in a savings of almost a day with onsite merchandising.


Allied Machine was thrilled with the results of IMTS 2018, calling it the best IMTS show they’ve had. Booth staff was able to focus on interacting with their audience, due to the time-saving tool packing methods used, and they felt relaxed and show-ready. Attendees loved all of the racing elements and found something new to look at in every corner of the exbibit. IMTS 2018 led to an increase in attendee engagement for Allied Machine, fostering valuable customer relationships for the future. Overall, we were able to create a smooth process and keep the booth on-budget, despite the complexity of IMTS show services, contractors, and jurisdictions.

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