The Top 7 Trade Show Trends for 2020


It’s 2020, and a new year means new trade show trends.

Attendees are always looking for fresh, elevated experiences at show, and incorporating exhibit trends is the perfect opportunity to position your company at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

Our trade show experts have been on the watch for 2020’s top exhibit trends, and we’ve rounded up the top 7 trends for your next booth.

1) Simulated Environments

Reinforce your brand messaging, culture, and more through a trade show exhibit that recreates the environment of your choosing. Immerse your attendees in anything from a wooden fishing lodge, to a recreation of your retail environment.

Try to stimulate as many of your audience’s senses as you can – The more you reach, the greater staying power your booth has in their minds.


From left to right: (Tripleseat at HITEC, American Express Activation, T.Marzetti at NACUFS)

2) Dimensional Elements

Dimensional elements add visual interest to your booth space. Whether it’s dimensional letters, protruding shapes, or an architectural design, there are a variety of creative ways to add dimension to your booth. Even technical elements like projection mapping can be the source of visual interest with a dynamic backdrop and video.

From left to right: (ABB at Vision Expo West, top – Projection mapping, bottom – Kami at TCEA, Intouch Health at HIMSS)

3) Unique Product Displays

We’ve all seen a product placed on a booth counter – There’s nothing new about it. So, why would attendees pay more attention to your products vs. someone else?

Give them a reason to look. It’s no longer enough to just place your products on counters. We’ve helped our clients reimagine their trade show product displays with refreshed designs, including:
• Custom crafted product stands that give attendees a clear view
• Abstract product sculptures that create unexpected visual interest
• Showstopping, 3D Lighted Holograms that draw attendees’ attention while giving a digital, 360-degree view of your product or logo.

Check out some of the unique product displays we have produced.


From left to right: (Benzomatic, Hedstrom at Toy Fair, 3D Lighted Hologram, Techmet at IMTS)

4) Engaging Activities

Engaging with your audience is key to a successful show experience, but how do you get them to the booth?

Food is always a big hit at shows, and we're not saying you shouldn't have food, but make sure attendees aren't just coming to your booth for the treats. Your company/product/brand/service experience should be more memorable than the food.

Incorporating an eye-catching activity is sure to garner attention across the trade show floor. We’ve helped clients distribute branded socks via a vending machine and created custom yard games like Jenga, Connect 4, and cornhole. (Bonus points if your activity ties into your booth's theme.) There's no shortage of imaginative ways to engage with your target audience at the show.

From left to right: (Sock Vending Machine, Candy Dispenser, Jenga, Connect Four, and Cornhole)

5) Themed Throughout

This piggybacks off of simulated environments – Take it to the next level and theme every aspect of your exhibit. Whether it’s a photo opportunity, staff outfit, signage, or a demo station, incorporating your theme is a surefire way to earn attention and create a memorable experience for attendees from the moment they see your booth. After all, who doesn't love a well-executed theme?

You can read more about themes in our previous blog.


Allied Machine and Engineering at IMTS

6) Natural Materials

This trend has been going strong in recent years, and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2020.

The trade show floor had evolved into a diverse booth landscape. More than ever, attendees are drawn to unique, warm, and inviting booths. Incorporating natural materials is the perfect way to differentiate your show space.

Wood, stone, greenery, and more - There’s a multitude of ways to create a natural feel in your trade show booth. Mix and match natural materials with modern structures for a striking exhibit design, or create a fully rustic booth to match your brand messaging. Either way, attendees love seeing an unconventional booth structure, so get creative!

From left to right: (Innopak at National Restaurant Association, OhioHealth, CoverMyMeds at HIMSS)

7) Elevated Inlines

A smaller booth size doesn’t have to mean a smaller impact. In 2020, we’re elevating inline designs, because your trade shows are important, no matter the size. With a strategic design, you can utilize every inch of your space intentionally. Backlit letters, multi-monitor displays, and custom neon counters are just a few ways to help transform a small booth space into an incredible experience.

From left to right: (New York Life, Rip It, CoverMyMeds)

Ready to get trendy?

So are we. Let’s connect for your next booth and make your 2020 trade shows a success.