Newsletter Launch

It’s the middle of February. Lets face it. We have all long forgotten about those pesky resolutions we set just a few, short weeks ago. Right? Wrong.

While we may be personally making fewer trips to the gym or slowly forgetting that mandatory “de-stress” hour we promised ourselves each day, at Exhibitpro, we’re determined to accomplish our resolution.

You see, in 2016 we resolved to help you – and that gets us excited! Our goal is to provide more information, about the topics that matter most about the trade show industry, to our clients, customers and friends. As such, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new, quarterly publication that we’re calling Exhibiting Edge.

Exhibiting Edge comes straight from the experts at Exhibitpro. We’ll highlight our learnings and experiences – good and bad – to help take out the guesswork for you. From maximizing budgets to technological innovations, Exhibiting Edge will provide thoughtful content and helpful takeaway tips to help make your tradeshow planning better. Look for topics such as:

  1. Technology – is it necessary to adopt every new gadget and application that hits the market? Probably not. We’ll share our tips for how to evaluate new technology and tips for determining when (or if) it makes sense for you to try.

  2. Lead Retrieval – trade shows are quickly becoming the final frontier in face-to-face marketing opportunities with clients and prospects. As such, it is important to understand there is a person behind every badge swipe and business card dropped into a fishbowl – and that person could be your next big client! So ask yourself this question – are you managing your show leads as effectively as possible? If your answer is anything other than a resounding yes, then this article is for you. Learn how to maximize your tradeshow spend with a few simple steps that assure systematic and consistent lead management and follow up. Let’s work together to turn leads into relationships.

  3. Maximizing Trade Show Budgets –We’ll take you through a four-part series where we look at the state of the industry and offer tips for budgeting across all three phases: pre-show, at-show and post-show. This is one you won’t want to miss!

  4. And a lot more! Gather inspiration from what some of Exhibitpro’s clients are doing, find out what’s happening behind the scenes in our office, and enter to win FABULOUS prizes!

We’re so excited to launch Exhibiting Edge! Stay tuned for the first edition in an inbox near you in early March!

– Lori

Interested in receiving this information from Exhibitpro, or have a specific topic you’d like to hear about? Send us a note to and we’ll add you (and your topic) to the lists!