Get Ready for IMTS 2020 - The Top 6 Trends


IMTS, the biennial International Manufacturing Technology Show, is one of the world's largest industrial trade shows. IMTS 2018 didn't disappoint with a record number of registrations, booths, and exhibiting companies. Now, it's time to get ready for IMTS 2020, and we're here to help. Using our experience at IMTS, we've come up with the top 6 trends to help you stand out at the show:

Unique Product Displays

IMTS is a great opportunity to display your products, and we recommend displaying them in every possible inch of your booth. But, the audience at IMTS is probably very familiar with your product. You need a unique display in order to grab their attention. We have some ideas:

- Entertain and catch attendees' eyes by incorporating your products into a unique sculpture.

Non-Traditional Uses
- Use your product in an unexpected and non-traditional way. For example, at IMTS 2018, we used TechMet's coolant lines to dispense coffee for booth guests.

Not sure how to incorporate your product in a unique way?

We can help.


(TechMet Product Display at IMTS 2018)

Hospitality Areas

IMTS is all about connecting and speaking with current clients and new prospects. You want your booth to be comfortable and inviting so that attendees are likely to spend more time with you. We recommend:

Conversation Areas

- Don't make conversation an afterthought; Give guests comfortable seating perfect for interaction.

Charging Stations

- Days at IMTS can be long, and attendees are always searching for a place to charge their devices. With charging stations, they'll hang around your booth longer.


- Beer is the drink of choice at IMTS. Add beer to your booth and you're sure to attract attention and engagement.

Themed Dressing

It's not unusual to see booth staff decked out in matching outfits for IMTS. But don't just dress to match each other, dress to match your brand. Invoke your brand's color scheme and personality to add to your booth's overall experience


(Allied Machine at IMTS 2018)


IMTS is a long show, and after the long days, everyone throws their own after-party. This means you need to book early to get the space you want. It's also your last opportunity to promote your brand at IMTS, so we recommend purposefully incorporating your brand into your party. Consider branding:

- Giveaway photos

- Table designs

- Drinks

- Lighting

- Napkins, plates, etc.

- Food displays

Purposeful branding will help create a memorable experience that leaves guests with a positive and lasting impression of your business.


You always want to have great lighting on your booth, but it's especially important at McCormick Place, which has an unusual number of dark spots. We have 27 years of experience managing client exhibits at McCormick Place, so we can help you determine where extra lighting is needed.

Hanging Sign Alternatives

Walking into McCormick Place during IMTS, you're greeted with a sea of hanging signs. Differentiate your booth by going without - But don't skip a sign completely. Instead, we can find you an alternative. With so many hanging signs, the hierarchy of your booth signage becomes extremely important. It has to be at the perfect height to get the attention of your audience. With TechMet's 2018 booth at IMTS, we ditched the hanging sign and placed their logo at the opportune height for their booth location. We backlit their logo for even more emphasis.


(TechMet at IMTS 2018)

Get Ready for IMTS 2020:

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