Need a new trade show booth? Looking for a holistic program management partner?

If so, it’s probably time to write a request for proposal or RFP. But, where do you start? The RFP process is critical to finding the best partner for your company; So, how do you make sure you get it right?

We’re no stranger to RFPs. We’ve received and responded to a number of them over the years, and we’re using that experience to compile our top tips and tricks for creating the ultimate RFP.

To help you get started, we’re providing two free, downloadable RFP templates for your team to use at the end of this blog! One for a custom exhibit and one for program management. Before that, w...

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Why bother branding your office space? What impact will it have on your business?

Branded environments are a chance to bring your brand to life in your office space. They’re designed to transform bland spaces into a lively representation of your products, values, and vision, while creating a powerful impact on clients and employees alike.

The Effect on Employees

Forming a Connection

Share your company’s story with employees. Your team wants to know how they fit into the larger company picture, and branded environments help put the pieces together. Incorporate a timeline of important company events, or a display showcasing the evolution of your products. Every day, employees will feel...

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This year’s annual NACS conference took place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia World Congress Center. Attendees came with a packed show schedule, ready to explore the latest products, trends, and technology. So, how’d it go? We’re rounding up the best and worst of NACS 2019, and getting ideas ready for next year. What should you take into NACS 2020, and what should you leave behind?

TAKE: Simulated Environments

NACS is a great chance to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. How do you want them to experience your product? Recreate the ideal environment on the trade show floor. NACS 2019 was full of simulated environments from restaurants, to gas stations, coffee sho...

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What is Program Management?

Program management is the process of managing several related projects, with the goal of improving an organization's performance. It is an A-Z turnkey solution including:
• Exhibit design and fabrication
• Warehousing
• Online inventory management
• Pre-show booth staging
• Show services coordination
• Logistics management
• On-site install and dismantle
• Project management
• And more

But what is the value in becoming a program client?

Turn-Key Service

As a program client, you have a team of industry experts taking care of every aspect of your show experience. Whether it’s a national or regional show, custom or rental booth,...

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You just connected with a great lead, but don't have a way to write down their information.

Your company decided to send over some last-minute promotional items, but the box is too tightly taped to pull open.

The cold weather is making your nose a little more runny than usual, and it's almost time for attendees to walk in the door.

What do you do? Grab your Just-in-Case Kit.

What’s a Just-in-Case kit?

We want to make your show day as hassle-free as possible, so we include a Just-In-Case Kit with every custom and rental booth we send out. The kits include small items that may come in handy as you set up, interact with attendees, and pack up for the day. The Just-in-Case Kit will arrive in o...

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IMTS, the biennial International Manufacturing Technology Show, is one of the world's largest industrial trade shows. IMTS 2018 didn't disappoint with a record number of registrations, booths, and exhibiting companies. Now, it's time to get ready for IMTS 2020, and we're here to help. Using our experience at IMTS, we've come up with the top 6 trends to help you stand out at the show:

Unique Product Displays

IMTS is a great opportunity to display your products, and we recommend displaying them in every possible inch of your booth. But, the audience at IMTS is probably very familiar with your product. You need a unique display in order to grab their attention. We have some ideas:

- Ente...

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Impact 2019 has come and gone, and we want to thank everyone who attended and made this year such a success. Here’s a quick recap of what happened this year:


Keynote Speakers


This year we welcomed keynote speakers Sue Jablonski, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at OhioHealth, and Shane Meeker, Corporate Storyteller and Founder of StoryMythos.

Meeker gave us a “movie guide to better business stories”, with valuable, actionable methods for engaging your audience. Great stories are all around us on the stage, page, and screen, and Meeker encouraged remixing those tried and true stories to create your corporate narrative.


Jablonski presented real...

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You have enough to worry about for your next trade show – don’t make logistics one of them. Let a Logistics Director handle it.

Trade show logistics are complicated, and a timely arrival is essential to your success at show. Mistakes can end up costing you precious time and a lot of money. A dedicated Logistics Director brings extensive industry experience and assurance that your property is on-time and on-budget. Their expertise can lead to money savings in areas you hadn’t considered.

The Value of an Experienced Logistics Director

Don’t make the mistake of quoting your shipments with traditional ‘Less Than Truckload Shipping’ (LTL) companies – they ...

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4 seconds. That’s how long you have to get trade show attendees attention before they walk right by your booth. So, how do you do it?

Your booth is a reflection of your company. Your company is always progressing, evolving, and changing - so why isn’t your booth? Older booths communicate an aging company with dated products. Trends in trade shows are a chance to freshen up your booth and keep attendees interested year after year. Below you’ll find the latest trends in materials, lighting, technology, and engagement to keep your booth current and interesting to attendees.


1) Natural Materials

Welcome attendees into your booth with wood tones and natural elemen...

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In February of 2019, more than 45,000 people flocked to Orlando. No, this was not to check out the new Toy Story Land at Disney World - this was for the leading health information and technology conference! The 2019 HiMSS Global Conference & Exhibition brought together professionals from over 90 countries to partake in over 300 education sessions, and to speak with over 1,300 vendors.


Exhibitpro at HiMSS 2019

This event always brings together the best and most impactful exhibits in the industry. With more than 1,300 exhibitors, companies are forced to be creative and innovative in order to showcase themselves, and their products. Many of the Fortune 500 exhibitors make significant investment...

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