Why bother branding your office space? What impact will it have on your business?

Branded environments are a chance to bring your brand to life in your office space. They’re designed to transform bland spaces into a lively representation of your products, values, and vision, while creating a powerful impact on clients and employees alike.

The Effect on Employees

Forming a Connection

Share your company’s story with employees. Your team wants to know how they fit into the larger company picture, and branded environments help put the pieces together. Incorporate a timeline of important company events, or a display showcasing the evolution of your products. Every day, employees will feel a connection to the past, present, and future of your brand.

A Performance Boost

Prior to branding their office spaces, we’ve seen clients struggle to unite and connect facilities, resulting in decreased employee performance. But, through the creation of a strategic branding tool kit, we’ve helped Fortune 500 companies transform spaces across the country into cohesive representations of their brand. Branded environments have positive effects on employee performance including:
• Increased engagement
• Improved employee retention
• Higher morale
• Stronger connection between company and employee

Purposeful Work

Having a purpose behind your work can make a drastic difference in morale and productivity. Most companies have a reason behind what they’re doing, but do your employees know it? Is it driving everything they do? Branded environments help communicate your purpose on a large scale, providing inspiration for employees on a daily basis, and guiding them in their work.

Benefits for Clients

Brand Immersion

When clients visit your office space, it’s the perfect opportunity to immerse them in your brand and develop a true understanding of your values, mission, and vision. Don’t present a generic space that could be any company’s office. Your brand is unique, so your space should be too. Make your office a visual representation of your brand, and welcome clients and visitors with stunning displays representing your company.

Closing the Deal

An impressive office space can leave a great impression on visitors – but you want more than a great impression, you want to create partnerships and close deals. Branded environments elevate your company in the eyes of your clients. Think of your office space as the equivalent of an interview outfit. You wouldn’t show up to an interview in anything less than your best, so don’t let your office space be underdressed. Branded environments help impress your clients and benefit your bottom-line.

Looking for ideas to brand your space? REACH OUT to one of our industry experts – we’d be happy to help! In the meantime, BROWSE SOME OF OUR PAST WORK.

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